I am a huge fan and advocate of film photography. I shoot film for about 10 years now, last five of which I've been doing it professionally. It cost me a lot of time and money to get better at my craft. After spending hours researching and experimenting with different analog cameras, film stocks and even processing labs, I finally feel confident enough to be shooting only film. And here I come up with the idea of sharing my expertise and helping others to get started with film photography, overcome the "fear of analog" and get to feel more confident with film cameras.

Photo credit: selfie by four years old Nika on Ilford xp2 Single Use Camera    proof that you also can ;)

Photo credit: selfie by four years old Nika on Ilford xp2 Single Use Camera

proof that you also can ;)

What is Grandpa’s camera Workshop is about?

GPCW is a two day workshop that covers both theoretical and practical parts of analog photography.

So what is included in Grandpa's camera Workshop?

First day meeting

  • On the first day In a relaxed atmosphere, we will cover all information you need to know to start shooting film.

  • The best way to learn is to practice. I will show you how to operate your camera. We will load a roll of 35mm film in a camera and will start shooting it right there.

  • In the cost of the workshop is included a roll of 35mm film, but feel free to bring your own films and cameras to practice if you want to.

Second day meeting

  • Second day is a day that will be planned about two weeks after the first one in oder to discuss the results and answer new questions.

  • It will take about 90 minutes

So what will I gain from it?

  • background/knowledge to get started with film

  • confidence at shooting analog cameras

  • many nice pictures to prove that you can!

  • lot's of fun learning something new and exciting!

What should I do if I don't have a camera?

  • No worries. I own about 7 different film cameras. I would love to share one with you.

What is the price?

  • 150 Euro incl. VAT

So, I am interested! How do I sign up?

  • To book your spot at GPCW follow the link below or go to the shop